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Meet the team

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We are a diverse group of experts dedicated to helping you. We’ve got mad skills – we’re garment experts, graphic artists, embroidery experts, screen printers, and just all-around problem solvers.

We have fun together, and we work hard together.

Group photo of the Imprint Revolution team of employees.

We’ve thought long and hard about what kind of team we want to be, and we worked together to put it in writing.

Our Mission is to provide every customer with an exceptional experience.

Did you notice we didn’t say, “make great t-shirts?” We do that, too, every day, but it’s just one part of helping you celebrate your brand, your school, your special occasion, or your amazing artwork. We’re the host of the party, and you are the honored guest. Call us up and you’ll get a smile and a helpful attitude. Each time we finish printing a shirt, we hold it up and ask, “would I be proud to give this to a person I wanted to impress?” If not, we start over.

What kind of people are we? People who share these Core Values:

IntegrityWe do the right thing, for the right reasons
HelpfulnessWe are generous, with kindness in every action
ExcellenceWe improve continuously, and consistently celebrate our successes
Family SpiritMutual respect and support keep us unified
TeamWe all win or lose together
Positive OutlookWe focus on solutions, not problems
AccountabilityWe each do our best, and expect our teammates’ best
StewardshipWe tend and care for our organization, with an aim toward healthy growth
ResourcefulnessWe find a way to get it done – together
Precision & PanacheWe are mindful of the details
ReadinessWe are prepared for today and tomorrow