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What is embroidery?

Imprint Revolution offers the best custom embroidery in Santa Monica and beyond. Whether you’re looking for custom embroidery near you in Los Angeles, Venice, or Nevada and beyond, our expert team is ready to help.

Our skilled embroidery team uses precision machines to sew colorful threads onto caps, shirts, hoodies, patches, and many other apparel items.

Custom embroidered logos, monograms, and patches offer a texture and classy look that brings your design to life.

An employee places a hat on an embroidery machine.

We offer many kinds of embroidery on a variety of products.

Custom logos on polos, hoodies, hats, and more

Plain text: names, monograms, etc.


Tackle-twill / appliqué

Special projects

What is digitizing? 

We need to digitize a stitch map of your design so the machines know what to do. A digitized embroidery file is not simply a different format like EPS or PSD, etc, it’s actually a “stitch map” which tells the machine where each and every one of the thousands of stitches should go.

Digitizing is a skilled, manual task requiring and experienced team. You can’t just “save as” and get a high quality embroidery file. Most graphic artists do not have this skill, it’s a special niche.

An embroidery machine creates a stylized sun design on a t-shirt.

Embroidery is perfect for professional-looking logos and names on shirts and uniforms, unique designs on hats, monogrammed objects, and for classy individualized gifts.

We have a large selection of embroidery fonts to choose from

What fonts can I use?

Our standard embroidery and monogramming fonts and colors are shown here.

We have a much larger list of premium embroidery fonts – stop by our store and check them out!

While you’re here you can meet with our friendly and artistic customer service team to discuss your project.

What about colors?

Our standard embroidery and monogramming colors are shown here. We have a much larger list of premium embroidery colors – stop by our store and have a look.

We’re also happy to order custom thread colors for you. We usually use high quality Madeira or Robinson Anton threads, but if you require something special, let us know and we’re happy to accommodate you.

Custom embroidery is a colorful way to enhance your brand image.

We also offer metallic threads. We keep metallic gold and metallic silver thread in stock, but let us know if you need a different special metallic color.

Stop by our Santa Monica showroom to see our embroidery colors in person.

Do you only offer embroidery in Santa Monica?

While we love serving our local customers in Santa Monica and the greater Los Angeles area, we ship embroidery orders to our customers all over the nation.

Just let us know when and where, and we’ll make sure your deadline is met.

How do I order?

Pricing is based on several factors, including:

  • Shirt / garment brand and style
  • Shirt / garment color
  • Number of embroidery locations on the item (for example: front, back, sleeve, etc.)
  • Number of thread colors per embroidery location (our team can help you determine this, it’s based on size and complexity of the design)
  • How many garments per design (the more we sew at once, the lower your price)
  • Minimum order quantity generally starts at 100 patches, depending on details of your project.

Stop by our Santa Monica offices for an embroidery consultation, or click below to get a quote.

A six-head embroidery machine embroiders a corporate logo onto jackets.