What is screen printing?

Screen printing, also known as silkscreening, is the most popular way to print custom t-shirts.

We burn one screen per ink color, set up the screens on one of our precision presses, and print your design in quantities of 10 to 10,000 and beyond. Screenprinting isn't just for Tshirt printing - it works well on hoodies, polos, totes, and more.

Will it work for my design?

Screen printing is a mass production process, so we recommend following this rule of thumb:

1-color art, 10+ shirts

2-color art, 25+ shirts

3-color art, 50+ shirts


If you need art with lots of colors on a small quantity, we have other options, like DTG Printing.


What does it look & feel like?

A screen print is vibrant, with a medium-soft hand feel.  Specialty screen print options are available, including:

  • soft-hand plastisol screenprinting

  • waterbased/discharge screen print

  • puff screen printing

  • high density screen printing

  • Reflective inks

The prints are durable and vibrant.


How do I order?

Contact us for a quote.

Pricing is based on

  • Shirt/garment brand &style

  • Shirt/garment color

  • # of print locations (front, back, sleeve, etc)

  • # of colors per print location

  • How many garments we are printing per design