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This functionality is still under construction! This page is just here for information and as a placeholder.

Freshchat (Freshdesk)

The same people that make your Freshdesk system have a chat product: Freshchat. Victoria says it is a separate (paid) product, so that is a different decision to make.

Freshchat does not get great reviews. There are free plugins that might also work, but may or may not integrate with your existing Freshdesk ticket system. (I am also not sure how much any potential integration even matters though.)

Other options

There are several other WordPress plugins that I could try. Some are free, some paid, some free with premium add ons. I can try some of the free ones – they sound good – but integrating with your ticket system might be an issue…again, not sure how much that matters.


Victoria also mentioned you are switching to Vonage, and Vonage also has chat and video chat functionality. At a very quick glance it looks complicated, and since the chat thing is a bigger business issue (more on that in a sec) I haven’t spent too much time going further down that road.

The elephant in the room

Bigger business issue: offering instant online chat requires staffing somebody to answer it, at least during decent business hours, potentially in multiple time zones. FWIW I vote against any automated chat bots. A bad chat experience, either because nobody is there or the automated system wastes my time, is worse than no chat option.