Updates 4/14:

We've been able to bring a few more folks onboard to help us make masks.  It's great to be doing #essentialwork.  Hopefully I'll be able to give you a call soon to bring you in to help!

For those following the data, here are some interesting sites on the pandemic spread:

This shows the predicted "peak" by state:

Interestingly, CA is WAY, WAY ahead of the game in terms of flattening the curve:


What this chart means is that we were trying to make sure we had "beds needed" less than "beds available," and we blew that goal out of the water!

This one gives you an idea of infections and deaths, including per capita:


Fewer than 1 in 1000 CA residents has been diagnosed with COVID-19 as I write this.

This one shows by age:


As an example, there are 45,697,774 people in the US aged 25-34. 

Of those, 10,183 died this year so far as of 4/11/2020.

74 died from COVID-19

113 died from flu

Updates 4/3:

Some info about the stimulus checks you'll be getting from the govt:


this also tells you about how income tax filing deadlines have changed

Here's a really good FAQ about the whole COVID situation:


Recommendations to wear masks:


FYI we have a small team making masks, as demand grows, we may be able to bring more folks on to help with that.  Stay tuned.



We are now closed through at least April 19 due to LA executive order and State of CA order:


I'm asking everyone to email me at davida@imprintrevolution.com to indicate they understand and acknowledge this, and that you'll check back here daily for more info. 

Please email me with:

Your name

Current mailing address

Current phone

I'm trying to understand what this means in terms of unemployment, but I recommend that you each file a claim immediately, indicate that you are laid off as of your last day of work.  If you have questions about specifics of that, please email me davida@imprintrevolution.com - leave me your best phone # as well.

Put your employer as:

Hostrup Industries, Inc

2244 Federal Ave

Los Angeles, CA


Answer that you are laid off, which at this time is the most accurate answer.  I will be providing clarifying information as I get if from our employment attorney, who tells me the situation is changing hourly.


Some links to help you:

EDD/Unemployment FAQ:


in Spanish:


File a claim:;


Paid Family Leave info:


About COVID-19


If you are at risk